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We write all types of songs from R&B, Hip Hop, Country, Pop and Gospel. We get inspired by music and by being creative. Our short films and shows comes from a place of creativity andĀ happiness.

Short Film Lights Out

#SuperSizeThat Episode 2 Lupus Walk

#SuperSizeThat Episode 1 The casting

BOOBS Episode 1 Pick Up Day


It is pick up day and the ladies are impatiently waiting for their baby daddies to come and get the children. Things begin to heat up quickly when you are dealing with baby mamas and baby daddies.

BOOBS Episode 2 Fight Night


You have not seen at fight yet until you meet an unexpected visitor in your house. Everyone is getting the boxing bug in the house where is all this hostility coming from?

BOOBS Episode 3 Child Support


One thing about being a baby daddy is that you may have to pay child support and not everyone handles this day the same. This is really the only time some baby mamas even wan to see their baby daddies.

Things are getting pretty hot and heavy but remember its always Brains Over Other B.S.

BOOBS Episode 4 Issues


Everyone can agree that baby mamas and baby daddies have their fair share of issues, but how should they handle it. I guess this baby daddy has his own plan in mind.

BOOBS Episode 5 M.I.A


How does a baby daddy go from stalking his baby mama everyday to being MIA. What is going on and where could he be?

BOOBS Episode 6 WTF


This baby mama is acting strange every time her baby daddy comes around and everybody is wondering WTF is going on.