I read an article asking if the body positive movement has gone too far? And I want to answer that question by saying, NO, it has not gone far enough. It is all about loving the skin you are in. This means on all levels you are happy with yourself and accept yourself for who you are inside and out.

Do I think someone should be upset if people “body shame or fat shame” them? I can not tell anyone how to feel when someone is judging you by the way you look. Peoples feelings get hurt by words, but they are indeed just words, nothing physical becomes of them until you build the weight behind the words.

Is, body positivity getting the steam that it desires? Of course not, Loving the way you look applies to all people not just people who are over weight. There are plenty of people who are depressed and anyone who looked at them would think they are beautiful. But they still do not feel beautiful and are not happy people, What is that saying that hurt people hurt people those same people throwing out insults probably have a lot of issues themselves. Love the skin you are in by first loving yourself anf opening you heart to open your mind. Learn all about self love Click Here!

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