Stop Body Shaming but what is missing?

I am 100 percent with the movement of ending and putting a stop to body shaming. No one should have to live with posting a picture online that they are proud of and being ridiculed for their picture. No one should feel horrible about the little imperfections they may have on their body. But I believe it is much deeper than that. Think about it, why do people feel the need to belittle other people? What do they really get out of demeaning and trashing another individual? There has to be something there to make someone so angry.

I truly believe that hurt people hurt people. They see you looking happy in yourself and they wonder, “how can I be confident like that”, but instead of asking you, how did you become more confident they lash out at you because of jealousy. Confidence does not always come easy to people. You have to learn how to build your confidence especially if you have been a victim of bullying. Building your confidence may sound hard but it is truly a mental thing. You have to put fear on the back burner. You can not be afraid to be great. There a plenty of affirmations and mantras you can use to build you confidence. For the ladies I have a beautiful confidence necklace you can have for FREE to help build you confidence, if interested Click Here.

Building your confidence can come as fast or as slow as you can prepare yourself. I mean there is no reason to go posting naked images of yourself thinking that is going to help you build confident because it won’t help that much. You have to start wondering where did you lose your confidence? Can you remember the moment that it happened for you? I remembered when it happened to me, I was in the second grade and I had the biggest crush on a boy in my class. I finally had the nerve to go up to him and tell him that I liked him and he told me because of the scar on my face he would rather talk to my sister. I was crushed. Truly hurt by what he said and it affected me and took me a long time to realize I was just as pretty as my sister. So think about it? When did that time happen for you. Have you gotten over it? Deep huh?

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Body Positivity Movement hasn’t gone far enough

I read an article asking if the body positive movement has gone too far? And I want to answer that question by saying, NO, it has not gone far enough. It is all about loving the skin you are in. This means on all levels you are happy with yourself and accept yourself for who you are inside and out.

Do I think someone should be upset if people “body shame or fat shame” them? I can not tell anyone how to feel when someone is judging you by the way you look. Peoples feelings get hurt by words, but they are indeed just words, nothing physical becomes of them until you build the weight behind the words.

Is, body positivity getting the steam that it desires? Of course not, Loving the way you look applies to all people not just people who are over weight. There are plenty of people who are depressed and anyone who looked at them would think they are beautiful. But they still do not feel beautiful and are not happy people, What is that saying that hurt people hurt people those same people throwing out insults probably have a lot of issues themselves. Love the skin you are in by first loving yourself anf opening you heart to open your mind. Learn all about self love Click Here!